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    FVSL Masters Div 2 /2013/2014

    poco game was way tighter than expected. Although their linesmen's non stop commentary was very entertaining. Right before kick off i hear "it's the underdogs vs the hotdogs", classic. Decent ref, no cards given out which we all prefer to last weeks shocking display. We will find out rhythm, we...
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    Fcuk the NDP

    As a former political science student, wow. As crazy a win as the 1996 Clark win. Can't wait to see what happens federally with Mr. Trudeau.
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    2014 World Cup Qualifying

    totally agree. He has the chance to be on a roster that will challenge for the world cup. For canada what can he win? His club would frown on his country of choice because of the stupid travel for national duty. Don't underestimate how playing for Canada hurts the careers of our European players.
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    Youtube Finds Take II

    This is how Redwoods gets the NSR motivated
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    [FVSL Master Premier] Predictions, Results & Banter 2012/2013

    sorry to hear sid that it you were forced to fold it up. good luck next year. i have a couple of assistants coaching with cmfsc that will want to play with you next year. I'll catch up with you
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    Record of the Westminster Hwy Acaademy Business in Adult League Matches

    i think we need to roll this into the WTF thread
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    Things that make you say WTF?

    Lol Actually the Dutch firm is Unionized as well. But the firm is heavily subsidized by the Dutch government and therefore able to bid more aggressively. But please don't let the facts get in the way of a good piss take. :) Just found out the ship will be built in the company's Singapore...
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    Things that make you say WTF?

    I just got back from visiting my rich Republican cousins in LA. Their mentality is crazy. One of them was adamant that Obama was born in Kenya. Seriously. Then they criticized my decision to bring my family to Cuba. They said it was irresponsible. I pointed out that at absolutely no time did i...
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    lol 11 goals aginst in our last 2 games equals the last 9 games combined in goals against. I was coaching mr. boltons (and my) daughter sunday morning so i was fortunate to miss the show. Mackers I'm scared for practice tonight we gonna do doggies?
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    I don't think any player in the league has anything but total respect for the obvious talent that the shooting stars have. You have to remember though the fact people are saying stupid things about you means that you have been accepted into the fold. Look at NSR and the dumb stuff that went on...
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    good god those shooting stars were fast. I felt like sh#t this morning. My hamstrings have been cramping all day. SS are completely different than every other team. Vintage, Rangers (x2), lets face it we all play similar games. Stars are balls to the wall attacking. We did figure it our after we...
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    I swear redwoods the next time we play that team I'm gonna start a midget tossing contest. It was awesome to see yappy smurf there get a red card.
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    Canada Vs Honduras Oct 16

    I couldn't agree more about the lack of a Canadian League. Three MLS teams with maybe 4 canadian starters just isn't going to get the job done. How many good players come out of u-18 and have nowhere to go? Div 4 FVSL? Look at hockey how many of those late round drafts go into the AHL and end up...