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How are the tracks playing?


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Jul 25, 2001
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Played Shuswap Lake Estates last week while holidaying in the 'Swap.
In very nice condition, but my lack of playing this year held me to an 84.
What i wasn't impressed with was the Course Marshall and members there.

We waited on every hole and never saw the Marshall once until the 13th hole when someone from the houses (a member i am assuming) called the proshop to complain that we joined the twosome behind us, who were waiting as well, to make a group of 5 for 1 hole as we were all tired of waiting.
She was there to give us shite for that and then give us shite for not obeying the 90 degree rule on the course when it was clear from all the tire tracks that nobody else was either.
But what pissed me off the most was that she said a twosome (both members) 3 groups back told her that we were too slow and holding them up! Of course i layed into her like you wouldn't believe and let her know that it's their fault for sending out groups a group of 4 then a group of 3, then a twosome, then another twosome, and another twosome, then another foursome. ****ing idiots, no wonder it's slow out there.

Found out later that somenoe we knew had and issue with the same marshall who told them to push the group in front of them. He proceeded to tell her that was her job to get them going not theirs.

Needless to say, I'm booking my tee time for Salmon Arm next year instead.
Especially since it's only $10 more and 10 times the course.

Rant over.


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Mar 3, 2002
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Yoda you have got to be fcuking kidding me!
We played Shuswap Estates last Tues for the fourth year in a row, and once again we complained inside about the fcuking marshalls.
These morons hide in the bush and under the huts and wait for you to have a little bit of fun only to come swooping down like an L A swat team.
The 11 th par 5 we all had some bad shots, this prick decides to tell us all to pick up our ball and move on? (no one was being held up behind us)
Our round was over in 4 hours and 20 minutes.
Needless to say this moron followed us around for the next 5 holes, SHOCKING !!!!!!!!!!!!
Kenno with an 86- Jeff Klaassen with an 86- Pasqua with a 104.
Salmon arm for sure next year

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