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    Premier [FVSL Premier] Results & Banter - February '06

    It wasn't a lack of respect, we were just looking out for our best interest. We have a few guys with injuries and few sitting on 2 or 4 yellows, where if they got one last night they would have to miss the cup game, which is the only way we can make provincials, so that is our focus.
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    Pakenham Cup [FVSL]The Pakenham Cup 2006

    Lions 4 Whalley 2. Lions played the whole first half with 10 guys as numberous guys were missing. We then played an injured player for 20 minutes in the second half until he had to off again. Overall, a good win considering the circumstances.
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    Pakenham Cup Pak Cup MOTW (Quarterfinals)

    and roll over the Lions like they did in League play?, In case skip didn't look at the results from league play, we beat Langley 1-0 the second time we played. That said, it's going to be very tough to beat them again. Storm, Poco, and GN will win the others though
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    Premier The FVSL Premier League 2003/2004 Part II

    Just looked at who GEU has to play against in their three make-up games, and they are all going to be tough for GEU to win.
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    Premier The FVSL Premier League 2003/2004 Part II

    Was 1-1 the final result between GN and Aldergrove?
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    Premier The FVSL Premier League 2003/2004 Part II

    Lions 1-0 over Langley. Lions up one at the half, and played the majority of the second half a man down due to a red card, but still held on for the win.
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    Premier FVSL Premier Week #5 MOTW

    The MOTW is definately the PAU vs. GEU. PAU needs to come up with a win in order to keep GEU close to the pack. Better nut up Guiness.
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    Premier The FVSL Premier League 2003 / 2004 Part I

    Cory is back in october, and we are unsure about kelly but he has signed. Reynold is also back in the beginning of November.
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    Premier FVSL Premier Week 4 MOTW

    We seperated for the chance to play premier with the team that has been together since we were 13. Do you think we would have got this chance if we stay'd with DMU, syxfyv. I don't think so. We did what we felt was best for our team, not what was best for your team.
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    Premier FVSL Premier Week 4 MOTW

    The lions vs. delta match is getting blown way out of proportion. The lions do not have ill feelings towards any of the delta players. We only know 5 of them, and apparently 3 of those 5 will not even be playing. Crafty needs to get over the fact that we left his club and that only two of our...
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    Premier The FVSL Premier League 2003 / 2004 Part I

    Peace arch was clearly the better side in the second half. The first half was even with the score 2-2. The lions will be a much different team when they get their 5 missing players back. Some are playing college, and a couple more are out of town for work. The lions will see where they...