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Linford Resigns


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Sep 8, 2005
Dirty Money
MONTREAL (CP) -- After months of internal strife within the organization, Colin Linford has decided to quit as president of the Canadian Soccer Association, The Canadian Press has learned.

Linford himself confirmed he is resigning when reached at home on Monday. He says it was a "lack of support from a majority of the executive and the board" of directors of the CSA that led him to his decision without elaborating further.

When asked if his departure was linked to the hiring of Fred Nykamp as chief executive officer, he answered that it "could have."

Linford was hired as CSA president in May 2006 for a four-year term and formally announced the hiring of Nykamp as CEO in May.

A source told The Canadian Press that Nykamp was supposed to start on Aug. 1, but his start date has been pushed back indefinitely.

As of this weekend, Nykamp didn't even have a working voice mail at the CSA's Ottawa offices.

Richard Scott, communications director of the CSA, said he was unable to say what Nykamp's status was at the present time.

Earlier this week, during a Quebec Soccer Federation news conference, a member of the board of directors said that Linford had consented to certain working conditions for Nykamp that were not unanimous among the board.

The board members were to have met with Linford last weekend.

It has been reported that Linford has had problems with the board of directors over the selection of the Canadian National Team for the World Cup.

The name of Brazilian coach Rene Simoes had been circulating as Canada's next head coach and his hiring was considered a formality.

But it was Canadian Dale Mitchell, head coach of Canada's Under-20 team, who was hired as head coach of the senior squad.

Simoes reportedly wanted the job technical director as well head coach and also wanted the ability to hire his own staff, which Linford was ready to accept.

However the board refused to ratify the agreement with Simoes and mandated that one of the jobs, whether it be technical director or head coach, had to go to a Canadian.

Mitchell is currently the head coach, but the technical director's position has not yet been filled.

Didn't take long, did it?


Jul 21, 2001
Dirty Money
It just shows you how disfunctional the CSA because of shelfishness and Candian Am Sports are in a total mess Nationally and in smabbles (oh except for Hockey that is....)
It's too bad, cause I think Canada produces some excellent athletes in many other sports besides the beloved sport of hockey.

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