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  • burnsie, looking forward to seeing you at the nations cup....for a pint and a tongue wag....Cal
    A quick heads up on Moody...

    They play veyr physical and have some speed at the back and up front. Not a lot in the way of finishers up front, but they are tenacious. Their D is fairly quick on the outsides which makes it hard to beat them wide and swing balls in.

    What they do offensively is just try to drop it over the top of the D and then try to either run on to it, or pressure you into giving it up

    There mid isn't great and if you can get a passing back going on the ground you can dominate possession. Just lots of shots (something we didn't do) and you should generate enough opportunities to win. P.S. Their keeper has really good hands but is like 5 feet tall (grade 8 or 9).

    Good luck!

    You got drawn a real plumb of a draw - Oakland in the All Black March Madness Pool. You can blame Kyle Shury for the piss poor draw. I've fronted the $20 for you.

    Hey Cap't, We will be on the turf on Sunday morning, so let your girls know if they don't already. Cheers
    Hey buddy... At work right now, I recieved your message...
    My email is ( Ian McCabe)
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