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  • Any chance you could get me a list of the north vs south? Was going to start an all star thread. Our guy isn't the quickest when it comes to responding to texts or emails. Cheers
    Dave there are some posts about the Western Canadian Masters on various threads, and I was going to start a distinct thread about that topic ( I cannot find one already established). The Mens Open thread is on TTP Community announcements, and I tried to put it there but I do not have access. Can I either get access, or can you start one maybe, or should I just put it in the Masters thread...advice?
    can you please get the ttp bookie provincials bet thing up, so we can talk about the games and make our predictions. I am so stoked for this weekend and cant wait.
    I put my order in for boots at least 1 hour ago. can i come and pick them up now?

    Seriously how long does it usually take?
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