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Golden Shoe


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Aug 17, 2001
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The Voyageurs have compiled a national Golden Shoe ranking (total goals scored) and as at June 5th the PCSL holds seven of the top ten spots. Only leagues with Canadian teams are included.

Points are awarded according to the level of the league as follows:

2.0 pts - USL teams (all standings complete as of June 4)
1.5 pts - PDL (all standings complete as of June 6)
1.5 pts - PCSL (all standings complete as of June 6 based on game by game scorers list rather than top 10) (Please note that victoria United scored on goal that is as of yet unaccounted for on June 5)
1.0 pts - AMSL - only the Calgary Callies

USL - United Soccer Leagues Division 1
PDL - Premier Development League
PCSL - Pacific Coast Soccer League
AMSL - Alberta Major Soccer League

The Voyageurs soccer fan club was founded in 1996 as a national group of fans of Canada's men's World Cup team. Since then, they have been a visible presence at Canadian national team games both in Canada and abroad, at all age levels, for both the men's and women's teams. The organisation has also expanded it's interest beyond just Canada's national teams. The Voyageurs are non profit and are maintained, run, and funded entirely by its fiercely enthusiastic members, we also host the most active Canadian soccer forum on the Internet.

The Voyageurs also sponsor the Voyageurs Cup the only trophy specifically for top-level professional soccer in Canada. The Voyageurs Cup is a lasting emblem of soccer fans' commitment to the development and enjoyment of the game in Canada.

Voyageurs Golden Shoe Rankings - June 5, 2005

Points - Goals - Player - Club

16.0 - 8 Jason Jordan - Vancouver Whitecaps
13.5 - 9 Andrew Corrazza - Whitecaps FC Reserves (PCSL)
8.0 - 4 Ali Gerba - Montreal Impact (2 goals for Toronto)
7.5 - 5 Ian Chursky - Seattle Hibernian & Caledonian (PCSL)
7.5 - 5 Jim Kreuger - Okanagan Challenge (PCSL)
6.0 - 4 Omari Aldridge - New Westminster Khalsa (PCSL)
6.0 - 3 Jaime Dodds - Toronto Lynx
6.0 - 4 Bobby McAllister - Hibernian & Caledonian (PCSL)
6.0 - 4 Matt Mori - New Westminster Khalsa (PSCL)
6.0 - 4 Brandon Swartzenduber - Okanagan Challenge (PCSL)

Nicked from the PCSL web site. Funny, I don't see larsson or any of his super Calies listed any where...

To compare JJ goals with Corrazza's vs teams like Skagit, Penticton,Surrey, Kamloops and the like is really as laughable as the name Golden shoe.


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Jun 28, 2001
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Someone please explain to me how the PCSL can have a base rating of 1.5 and the AMSL only 1.0?

Typical soccer in this country with easterners not knowing a fcuking thing that goes on west of Toronto :rolleyes:

Is POCO still listed as one of the top 10 amateur clubs in Canada?

we also host the most active Canadian soccer forum on the Internet
I call bullshite... says who?

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