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    Bob Birarda done as Womens Whitecaps/ CSA Womens U-20 Gaffer

    I’m having a tough time with this one. I don’t want to touch some of these accusations even though I have heard some first hand accounts that are even worse than the blog. How this guy was able to keep a coaching position in this province speaks volumes. It seems at every level there’s...
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    Champions League 2018/2019

    I signed up in the summer. It’s awesome. NFL game pass, MLB network, BEIN, Serie A and La Ligua. Best money I’ve spent in awhile.
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    Premier [VMSL Premier] Predictions, Results & Banter 2017/2018

    Not sure but it could be that the boys AAA provincial finals are being played then. I think they run from Nov. 23-25th. They are usually played at Burnaby Lake.
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    Canada West Fans

    I saw in the boxscore that they had over 1000 fans at the UBC game last night. Not sure how accurate that is, but anything more than mom, dad and the occasional Mosh groupie is progress. Hopefully that carries over to the game against TWU tonight. Looks like TWU had a big win against UVIC...
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    2017 Nations Cup

    Over 30 England 3 Scotland 0 England looks like they will have another strong team this year.
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    2017 NHL Draft

    https://www.hockeycanada.ca/en-ca/Team-Canada/Men/Junior/1999/swe I hope this works. I'm technologically challenged. Henrik 198lbs, Daniel 10lbs lighter.
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    2017 NHL Draft

    I think the twins were close to 200lbs when drafted. They were sporting some baby fat. They really leaned out in their early twenties.
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    2017 BC Mens Provincial Masters Cup - Predictions, Results and Banter

    I'm hearing Port Moody beat ND 5-4. ND was up 3-0 at one point.
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    2016 Whitecaps

    I took my high school academy to watch the Whitecaps train on Wednesday and it didn't surprise me that they came out flat against Portland. They really struggled with a simple passing combination drill. The kids even commented that it was poor. Overall it just didn't look sharp. Then I heard...
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    Canucks 2015/16 season

    Google Pedan's fight against Jared Tinordi. I got a headache just from watching it.
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    Canucks 2015/16 season

    Google Pedan's fight against Jared Tinordi. I got a headache just from watching it.
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    Gun control on a more serious level

    I know I'm not going to change your mind on this but the two variables you've used as your explanation for gun murders are mental health and the availability of guns on the black market. Both of these variables also apply to Canada and again we don't have even close to the same amount of...
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    Gun control on a more serious level

    You don't think it's an issue that mentally ill people have such easy access to guns? I'm sorry but comments like this, which is just propaganda put forth from the gun lobby are irresponsible. "Guns don't kill people, people kill people " is another one of my favourites. If someone comes...
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    Div 1 [FVSL] Div 1 2015/2016 - Results & Banter

    Lion and Bulljive definitely built that team, it was on the verge of collapse until they arrived. They completely changed the culture and were able to attract and keep some good North Delta players. Some players definitely came on their own but isn't that the sign of a good program...players...
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    What Canada Needs to Do to Become Better

    My feelings about this were pretty much solidified after spending the year working alongside a coach who was trained and played in Europe. He also has his uefa "A" license. I used to think I knew the game fairly well. I've played and done some coaching at the university level. I've had some...