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Who Ordered the Code Red?


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Oct 15, 2004
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Sorry to drudge this all up again...But since the offenders have scrambled to SoCal (Burkey, Bert, & May in Orange County) (Crow and Staff in L.A.) and new news has hit from CBC's The National
The Debriefing: Coach Crawford ... Did You Order the Code Red? - FanHouse - AOL Sports Blog

If Crawford, and it definately sounds as if he did, gave the 'code red' Does Moore still not have an avenue open to him to bring the NHL under the suit as well?

We need a Jack Nicholson type here, maybe that is Burke...maybe Moore is the hotshot Lawyer and victim in this that doesn't understand the truth...maybe he can't handle the truth:eek:

all joking aside...it is amazing that Colorado left him for Dead, and now he is easily viewed as an Ambulance Chaser, I'm not claiming he is, just that he could easily be perceived as such.

He has allegedly tried to make it back to the NHL, you think he could easily be playing at least at the AHL or ECHL level by now. Surely if he was ever good enough to stick to an NHL roster and make the 38mill that he is claiming, then he could be playing somewhere right now.

I know everyone's 'egg' is a little different from everyone else's, but I'm sure a few other NHL'ers have suffered grade 3 concussions (Lindros, Kariya, McAmmond) and other have suffered broken necks (Erik Cole) and they have made their way back.

I'm no doctor, no neurological expert, they are my thoughts, as biased and naive as they may sound or read (i'm sure someone is going to give it to me ;) )

Am I way off base here?

And How much NOW does Crawford need to accept in as far as responsibilty?


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Jul 20, 2001
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1. Moore is blackballed and will never play in the NHL again. Right or wrong I believe this to be the truth.
2. Watching that video makes you wonder what's going through Crawford's head as he tries to ignore the Avalanche coaches getting at him I'm thinking "uh oh, what just happened"...


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Sep 8, 2005
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I think it's being blown out of proportion as to Crawfords intent with the "go after him" thing. When I hear it I think, okay, someone go out and cream him, legally, but hit him hard and make him think about being hit hard for the rest of the game. Unfortunately, it went beyond that so it changes things. If Crawford said that and Moore had just taken a couple huge body checks during the game, would anyone care that he said it?

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Sep 7, 2004
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Nothing is going to happen to Crawford...coaches say that sort of stuff all the time. He never said go out a break a neck!

Granto should be blamed for putting him on the ice 8-2 with 2 minutes left.

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