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  • Can't seem to PM so I'll try this.

    If you're looking for a team we'd love to add you. Similar hard working team as always. Added a few guys on D and in Mid, but are lacking strikers. If you'd be interested, let me know. Guarantee a good 60 minutes a game.
    hey buddy nah i have the flu so im prolly just goin to come watch unless i miraculously feel better.
    Laptop is screwed, don't know if you got my reply so here goes again - I'm on WCB, tore my hip abductor, and I don't want to be seen watching a game just incase an investigator shows up to see if I'm playing. Congrats on the win and I hope you guys can beat the Gummers this week. Good Luck
    i would bet but as i said i wont be at the game to watch so i wont really get to enjoy drinking your beer infront of you. next game tho, yes itll probably be at westview make sure when you schedule it i dont have a game.
    I would have come out tomorrow but the woman wouldn't understand me leaving her on valentines day for a game I'm not playing in. Good Luck and shut ACBC up.
    shite sorry man......didn't get the message till now....was posting from my phone all day. Nice win tonight! sounds like you guys really killed them. Gonna be a tough one next week against ACBC...they looked good today
    ya i was playin with both...but struggled this year with a torn hip flexor...just tryin to get back into it
    we have 7 guys from the div 1 team 7 guys from the div 2 team and 6 new guys... of course most of our starters are the guys from the div 1 team
    Edited your MOTW thread title so that when you look at unread posts you can see that it's title says it's for the FVSL Div1 and not 2 or 3 or VMSL.

    It's easier to read when all the MOTW threads get going.

    Thanks for getting it started.
    Have a great season!
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