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  1. McGregor vs Poirier

    McGregor vs Poirier

  2. AFC Conference Final

    AFC Conference Final

    Bills vs Chiefs
  3. NFC Conference Final

    NFC Conference Final

    Bucs vs Packers
  4. The Franchise

    Tiger Woods

    yeah....didn't like it. Wish they would have done it more like the Jordan one.
  5. The Franchise

    Canucks 2021

    McJesus is the best player on this planet...... end of story
  6. The Franchise

    Canucks 2021

    There tonight
  7. The Franchise

    NHL 2021 Season

    Let me drop this right here for everyone. When the most hated Leafs fan says it and guarantees it, then it must be true
  8. The Franchise

    Argyle’s Dead Wrestlers Society

    both lungs damaged so bad couldn't get transplant. On boxing day his wife took him off the machines to see if his lungs would "kick out" as it was his only hope and he passed away.. So sad with young kids
  9. The Franchise

    Rudolf The Rednosed Reindeer by Donald J Trump

    lol Anyone else waiting for Trump to use Marshal Law
  10. The Franchise

    Maradona Dies

    i guess the nose beers finally caught up to him
  11. The Franchise

    Premier FVSL Premier 2020/21

    Safer then a tube sock
  12. The Franchise


    All of the officials of the Orlando city game have been suspended and won’t work another playoff game this season
  13. The Franchise

    BC Ferries Mask Policy

    Barry always wears a mask
  14. The Franchise

    Canucks 2019/20