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Tussle in Toronto - Police vs Chilean Team & Fans


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Jul 12, 2007
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This was an unfortunate incident in an otherwise flawless tournament (U20) in which crowd control got out of hand (just like the officiating) between the Chilean fans, team meambers and Security / Toronto Police (after the game).

It seems like everyone has weighed in on this with strong opinions, in spite of the fact, that most of the bloggers, like myself, were not there.
Today's Globe & Mail did a farily good job of describing how the melee unfolded, including the unceremonius tackeling of the guy in the chicken costume(Condor mascot) by one of the security guards.

The article also quoted front pages of Chilean newspapers which stated that Toronto Police thru acid in the face of one of the Chilean players after beating him up and tasering him for no reason. :confused:. hmmm, that really sounds plausible....

From my reading of the accounts in the Globe,and between the lines, it appears that this entire scrum could have been avoided if the security gaurd did not try to stop some Chilean players from signing autographs for their fans outside the BMO stadium.

As a Canadian, I really sympathise with the Chilean side (who like Canada's team) has suffered from horendous and biased officiating; it is even sadder (if true) that the last bit of dignity was denied them by a security gaurd in not allowing the players the chance to sign a few autographs for their faithfull fans. :mad:

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