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Jul 23, 2001
Dirty Money
other Alberta

As I see soccer in Alberta has crept onto TTP I thought I'd share a story of my first experience of 'playing' in my fabulous new, albeit temporary 'home' of Cold Lake. It's -33 and there's a frostbite warning out... so obviously this is Indoor... and a cut a paste job.


So I played my first "game" with the Kinisoo Strikers (not Cold Lake) as we hosted Lac La Biche and a team from St. Paul. Apparently three teams hook up to play two games each in a night. Before we get to the games I have to tell you about our goalie Derrick. Derrick has a mullet worthy of high praise. I believe if he were to show up at Kinsman or the Boulevard a very polite golf clap would spontaneously go up from all onlookers and in fact I think the game would have to come to temporary halt. It's the kind where on the top it's cut at the exact point where it can stick up into the air without the aid of hair spray, but not so long it flops over and loses it's mulletness. The rest almost reaches to Derrick's waistline and is neatly divided into four seperate but equally mangey clumps. It's brilliant. Derrick also likes to warm up shirtless and broadly displays a large tattoo accross his chest, I think it's some kind of bird though it's hard to tell as it looks like he got bored one day and decided to carve himself a chest tattoo using some sort of dull knife. I also love the trackpants.

The Kinisoo strikers range in age from 15 to 52. The 15 year old is a Japanese exchange student named Yoshi and likely our best player. The 'game', played inside a large high school gym is 4v4 plus a goalie and played with one of those size five tennis balls and yes the 'boards' come into play. Anyways, we first played the Lac team and built a 4-0 halftime lead. Apparently the Kinisoo Strikers already dominate this league and don't really need another guy from Vancouver, they already had one, the 52 year old is an ex-Firemen player. The biggest challenge in the game was not to get rocked into the boards by one of many guys playing "sockey", a curious mix of hockey and soccer. Most guys on my team were playing a similar game. Anyways, the Lac team started to claw back into the game and with less than two minutes on the clock tied the game at four. Guys on our team went ballistic (I guess this is serious?) and I overheard one local spectator comment she hadn't heard that much whining around here since they cancelled the Dukes of Hazard. Yes, I scored the winning goal about 30 seconds later after deciding that passing to "run fast kick hard with toe" was no longer an option.

The next game vs St Paul was another win. The League is basically recreational with glimpses of intensity. teams where numbered t'shirts. It was fun. It goes every second Thursday.

That's it from Cold Lake, I have to do Mcbirthdays and then some news thingy's.



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Jun 28, 2001
Dirty Money
Where the hell is Cold Lake? Oh wait, that's just 25 km north of Frozen Pond, is it not?



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Aug 17, 2001
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No, it's just round the corner from Icy puddle. I've been there the people are extremely shallow. :rolleyes:

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