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2021 Summer Leagues Playing Now?


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Jan 9, 2011
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PCSL got up and running with a 5 team Men's and Women's League.

Teams involved include Tigers in their post-Rino's era and Port Moody which may or may not have their usual Croatia VMSL connection for the summer. Those two sides and three entries from the Interior make up the league this year.

I believe @GoF has Tigers media covered more or less wall to wall with games streamed live on YouTube.

Elsewhere, it looks like Knights League got underway this week and have a decent crop of various VMSL, FVSL, BMSL and independent teams.

It does not look like their "Premier Division" was able to attract enough interest with only VMSL Sides Serbia FC (Div. 1) and Pegasus (Prem) listed as entrants. However, their lower divisions and masters seem to be well populated. Division 1 features VMSL sides GN Sporting (Div. 1), FC Romania (Div. 2) and Twin Arrows (Div. 2), plus FVSL side Greater Vancouver United (Prem) as well as a clutch of BMSL sides and some potential summer start ups. Looks like play started this week, but no scores updated as of yet.

RASA Summer League (formerly RRSL) started this week with some match results already posted.

VMSL Clubs Rino's (Prem and Div. 1) and Westside (Div. 1 x2 and Div. 2) have their clutch of teams entered along with Vancouver Strikers (Div. 1), Bingers Army (Div. 2), Richmond FC (Div. 2) and West Hounds (Div. 3). They're mixed in among several RASA winter sides.

Finally, I believe FVSL is beginning a small lower division Summer League in the next few weeks.



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Feb 20, 2005
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Port Moody is no longer tied to Croatia. I believe they have closer links to Inter now with Rosenlund as part of the staff.

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