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What to do about the Excellent Site....


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Jul 26, 2001
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In speaking for myself here, I have a strong feeling that there will be a lot of others who would echo what I have to say(has been said before). How can a league with as many player as the VMSL does continue to represent themselves with a website that in, comparative terms for mainstream websites, have so poor an interface and lack of content. Is it too much to ask for some stats for divisions other than Premier. How about team lists. A user area for game reports, Referee lists, Maps for park locations..etc.

Why is it, when free help is offered to enrich the site(content, design), that the responses and attitude from these people are borderline combative and rude? The excuse of, there would be too much work, is false when there are some people ready to volunteer their services for this.

It may well be time for a collabarative "unofficial website" to bring some more life to this league which in recent rants, lacks some of the exposure that other sports garner(ie rugby).

This is not to take away from the work being done at the VMSL offices as they do alot to make sure the 60 odd teams that comprise the league have fields referees and the lot. With that said jumping into the year 2005 with some open attitudes and ideas is not going to hurt and may bring some benefits that might help reduce costs bring in addtional revenue etc.

..Anyways...Rant over...out

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