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What Canada Soccer really needs


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Jul 20, 2001
Dirty Money
What Canadian Soccer needs to get us moving forward...a successful billionaire who will use his business sense and funding to get the country to the World Cup.

Aussie billionaire throws in chips with Hiddink to get Aussies to Germany
July 27, 2005

SYDNEY (AFP) - Billionaire businessman Frank Lowy is taking a calculated and expensive gamble to get Australia to next year's World Cup finals in Germany by head-hunting master Dutch coach Guus Hiddink.

The calibre of the appointment underscores the desperation Australians have to break a 32-year hiatus and play at their first World Cup since their sole finals' appearance in Germany in 1974.

Lowy, the second-richest person in the country behind Kerry Packer with an estimated wealth of almost 5 billion dollars (3.8 million USD), is used to getting his way in business.

Faced with rebuilding the fragmented, quarrelsome code which had retarded the growth of football in this sports-mad nation, the 75-year-old shopping centre magnate has moved heaven and earth to get Australia accepted on to the world football stage.

As part of a federal government review of the calamitous game, football-loving Lowy was offered the chance to use his business expertise to give the struggling sport credibility through proper governance, funding and management.

The Lowy-fuelled revolution has already seen Australia granted future World Cup qualification through neighbouring Asia from next January and a revamped, structured eight-team A-League, due to kick off next month.

But all the reform hinges on the stimulus a World Cup finals' campaign next year in Germany will have on the local game and Lowy is leaving nothing unturned in his quest to make it happen.

Lowy, a Czechoslovakian-born Israeli commando who emigrated to Australia in the 1950s and who built up his fortune from humble construction worker origins, made a big call in late June when he sacked national coach Frank Farina following Australia's wooden spoon performance in the Confederations Cup in Germany.

Australia were without a national coach four months out from an anticipated home-and-away showdown with a yet-to-be determined South American team, but Lowy knew who he wanted for the Socceroos' job.

"Obviously, there were a number of candidates we were considering, but without doubt Guus Hiddink is the outstanding candidate, he is an internationally-acclaimed coach and we are all very excited that he has taken this position," Lowy said via a video link-up from Europe (he was on business) at the unveiling of Hiddink as coach last week.

"The most urgent task, our highest priority is to prepare the Socceroos for the 2006 World Cup campaign.

"The appointment of Guus Hiddink is, we believe, the cornerstone of our World Cup efforts and the best response we could make to our most urgent priority.

"There are many things in Australian football that are outside of our control.

"We can't control the fact that Australia is remote from the home of football in Europe, we can't control where our players even play, we can't control who are opponents will be, but we can control who will lead our team and in Guus Hiddink we've made a world-class appointment.

"I can safely say he is the best possible appointment. He has a distinguished career, his record speaks for itself and I'm sure he will devote his energy, his experience and his leadership skills to do whatever it takes to give us the best chance."

Hiddink, who has taken The Netherlands and South Korea to the semi-finals of the last two World Cups, is on a hiding to nothing with his Australian challenge and he said it would be a miracle if Australia played in Germany next year.

"To be honest, the outside football world does not think that Australia has any chance of qualifying," 58-year-old Hiddink admitted at his Sydney press conference.

"But I think this is a good challenge, in a very short time to try and make the impossible, possible. And that's qualifying for Germany 2006.

"Hopefully, we can make that miracle to go to Germany."

Australia's recent tilts at the World Cup have ended in tears. They had to conquer two-time World Cup champions Argentina in their 1993 playoff and four years later they went down to Iran on away goals after leading 2-0 with 20 minutes left in Melbourne.

At the last World Cup, the Socceroos took a 1-0 lead to Montevideo only to go down 3-0 to Uruguay and miss out again.

Now Australia's hopes rest squarely with Hiddink. It's a very tall order, but the Dutchman believes he has a chance.

"It's important to me that the team knows how to play and that you can control then dominate an opponent, and play with a lot of initiative. That's the way I like my teams to play," he said.

"If there is more balance in the way Australia plays and their commitment, then I think we can make progress."


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Oct 26, 2002
Dirty Money
Apparently land has been bought east of the downtown core by the Whitecpas owner. NOt sure for what but it would be great if it were a stadium for football and football. Maybe that would be what we need.


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Total Bastard
Jun 28, 2001
Dirty Money
Yeah, I'm with Smallsy... even money isn't good enough for the CSA crew in Toronto :rolleyes: Have they even picked a site for the "national" stadium yet?

In less than 2 years time, we are going to have the WYC here and I bet you even half of the soccer community in Canada hasn't a clue.

I'm afraid nothing will change until the CSA executive is either cleared out or is given a one-year term to produce significant off-field results.

As for the land bought by Kerfoot, I've heard the same thing... the land is apparently just east of the Seabus Terminal on the waterfront. The Lions couldn't be a tenant until 2011 I think due to agreements at BC Place.

no right peg

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May 8, 2002
Dirty Money
The CSA needs to clean house. The same boys making the same decisons, year in and year out. It's an old boys club and it always has been. It doesn't matter who is hird to coach the team, the boys at the top are pulling the strings! Get rid of them all and get some new ideas and new personalities. :mad:


Jul 20, 2001
Dirty Money
I wonder if there's any link between Kerfoot, the acquisition of lands in Cole Harbour and Abramovich's boat being in town on and off for months?

Smallsy, Kerfoot might be close to the billionaire mark and Abramovich...well:

"Chelsea owner Abramovich now richer - £7.7bn
tribalfootball.com - April 22, 2005

Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich's wealth continues to grow.

The Russian made an incredible £1.15 billion last year to bring his overall wealth to £7.7 billion.

Red Rom, who took over at Stamford Bridge two years ago, has shelled out over £213 million on players - and that is set to shoot up in the summer.

Abramovich is No1 for the first time on the rich-list of magazine Forbes' Russian edition, published today.

He displaces another oil magnate, Mikhail Khodorkovsky."

To stay on topic, the CSA brass should really be looking up the shute at the FIFA guys to see what combination of finesse and guile is required to get results.


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Jul 20, 2001
Dirty Money
Although his yacht was in the bay for an extended period my sources tell me he has spent a grand total of 3 days in the last year on this yacht.

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