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Nov 12, 2003
Dirty Money
c.750 AD- The Anglo Saxon epic poem Beowulf was written down.

The first wealth is health! :)

From the homepage of www.takethepiss.com!!!

take the piss (out of someone) vb. British -- to mock, deride, poke fun (at). This vulgarism has been in widespread use since the late 1940s. The original idea evoked by the expression was that of deflating someone, recalling the description of a self-important blusterer as 'all piss and wind.'

Another "definition" adds to the above:

take the piss out of (someone) -- 1. make a fool of, tease (someone); act disrespectfully to (someone) in the hope of causing grave embarrassment; humble, degrade, belittle (someone) 2. humble, degrade, belittle (someone) by getting the better of him.

If whoever keeps erasing my heartfelt posts wants to speak to me he/she/it has had every opportunity to do so. I guess the same cleverclogs is the same who has made me invisible too!! An explanation on how I have deviated from the examples of pisstaking above would be super!!!


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