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Report: Open wheel merger very close


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Feb 22, 2002
Dirty Money
Well...I guess...talking is a good start! It seems to be the same old story though...

This does need to happen soon though...otherwise both series are going to remain in trouble battling for fans and sponsorship dollars!!!

Time will tell!!!
Report: Open wheel merger very close

TSN.ca Staff
2/22/2006 10:31:52 AM
There may be a truce declared in the open-wheel war between Champ Car and the Indy Racing League.
According to a report in AutoWeek, Champ Car boss Kevin Kalkhoven and IRL founder Tony George have met several times in the last month and both sides could announce some sort of agreement in time for 2007.
"There is no letter of intent, and absolutely, completely no deal," Kalkhoven tells AutoWeek. "We met in Paris at the Race of Champions and on a couple of occasions since, socially. Certainly I expect there will be more meetings in the future."
Indianapolis Motor Speedway vice president of communications Fred Nation tells SpeedTV.com that the report was far from accurate.
"Have they talked? Yes and that's a good thing," said Nation. There may be an opportunity here but it comes down to the chemistry between Tony and Kevin. Right now it's the same old song and we've all heard it before."
"What is accurate is Kevin's quote that there is no deal.
While Kalkhoven and George refuse to give details, sources close to both sides say they have agreed in principle on key issues such as engine and tire supplier.
In the past, the major sticking point in any proposed merger was control. Who would be in charge. AutoWeek says Kalkhoven and George have agreed to a 50-50 ownership of the new series, with both acting as co-chairmen. Honda and Cosworth would supply engines to the new series while Bridgestone would be the sole tire supplier.
As far as the schedule is concerned, the Indy 500 would once again become the centerpiece of the series with venues and dates from both Champ Car and the IRL filling out the remainder of the season.


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Jul 4, 2001
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They say this every year. I will not believe a thing until I see some results of these "talks".

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