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Où est Marseille?


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Jun 29, 2001
Dirty Money
I have some thoughts.

I don't think you'll remember posting this thread.

If HoS is looking for Cnuts he should invesigate the Downhill/Freeriding thread.

I think half a pint of Kronenberg topped with half a pint of Archer's Peach tastes like a Bellini.

I think sex with a family member (like a sister, for instance) always has to rate 'up there' but is not necessarily something one can, or should, be proud of.

I think Marseille is on the Mediterranean.

I think I'll post some useful facts about Marseille for you to peruse.

Read, even.
Marseille is the oldest city in France. The city first came into existence 2,604.3168 years ago, born of the union between Protis, a Greek (hello!)sailor from Phocaea, and the beautiful Gyptis, daughter of the king of the Ligurians. They settled on (though one should never settle) the shore of what is today called the "Vieux Port" ( the Old Harbour). This was Massalia which became the first urban outpost in France. Over the years, Marseille dwellers have always been proud of their city's distinctive character. Which is nice. Inside the famous Cosquer cave is evidence that Marseille's first inhabitants lived there some 28,000 years ago! They have since moved out to a recently refurbished two-bedroomed semi in Harpendon, Hertfordshire. Today Marseille is also seen in the context of its beautiful setting, an attractive region containing 111 (at last count) villages, charming hills nearby and a jagged coastline of bays and inlets.

Once infamous Marseille has a new image. Having now turned the corner (like a bus or, say, a 1968 custom Vespa moped) after a number of difficult years (battling drug addiction), Marseille is ready to embark on the third millennium with great verve (news of Richard Ashcroft's solo career has been slow reaching the Mediterranean area) and a brand new image. Continuing the traditional role as a cross-roads between northern Europe, the Mediterranean and the East, the city is presently being "restructured" (or, if you prefer, refurbished to bespoke standards) around the harbour area: the Euro-Mediterranean economic development and planning operation will make Marseille a hub in southern Europe for international trade and decision-making, it has been decided (though not, as yet, in Marseille itself). While the overall plan for the city is designed to develop and renovate areas most in need of attention, the renovation of the city centre has already produced results with improvements in housing, the building of a university and student facilities, the emergence of new businesses and the innovation of "theme streets" such as the recently inaugurated "rue de la mode" (mostly shops flogging stripey-tops, berets, and antyhing with Von Dutch stapled on it) near the Opera House. The cultural Capital of the South. Over recent years Marseille has put on dance, theatre, music exhibitions, as well as street art, earning itself the reputation as the Euro-Mediterranean capital for artistic creation. The people of Marseille have always been greatly attached to their opera house (skeletons of whom can still be seen withering away in the midday sun like a mad dog or Englishman, their shackles long since rusted away) and to the Roland Petit National Ballet Company; it is in fact the city with the record for the highest number of theatres per head of population in France (though this questionable tact results in all theatres remaining empty save for it's one, sole occupant). And today, there is more cultural enterprise in the city than ever before, including concerts, festivals, pick-pocketing, drug abuse, prositution, and major projects such as the "Grand Library" and the "Cite des Arts."


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Sep 5, 2001
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Deodorant pour Vous?

I can answer this question.
Completely off topic though.
Speaking of, we'll be missing you at the golf tourney this year.

Marseille is the only place in history where a side was allowed to win a major UEFA trophy whilst cheating.

Rangers FC tied Marseille in the last group phase that year and lost out on a berth in the Eurpean Cup final due to goal difference.
I refer to it as 'ethic' difference.

Fcuking smelly cheating cnuts.


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