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Match Day 4

Hands of Stone

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Jul 30, 2001
Dirty Money
3-Salma Hayek vs.
14-Diane Lane

6-Amber vs.
11-Jessica Biel

2-Brooke Burke vs.
15-Elisha Cuthbert

7-Rebecca Romijn-Stamos vs.
10-Liz Hurley



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Jun 28, 2001
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Match Day 4 Recaps

3 4 4 :eek:

Field of 64 Match
Miller Lite
4/22/03 at 6:50 AM
2-Brooke Burke - 32 vs 15-Elisha Cuthbert - 24

(CLE ELUM) -- Tuesday morning’s opening matchup turned out to be an eye opener. Former “Wild On” host Brooke Burke, a Final Four participant last year, got all she could handle against up-and-comer Elisha Cuthbert in a hard earned 32 to 24 victory. The close final fueled speculation that Burke is losing her luster after riding “Wild On” fame to the Final Four last year. Cuthbert, on the other hand, has parlayed her stardom in Fox TV’s “24” and her role in the movie “Old School” into a steady following. “This won’t be the last time you’ll hear from me,” exclaimed Cuthbert during her post-game press conference in Cle Elum.

Field of 64 Match
Miller Lite
4/22/03 at 7:50 AM
3-Salma Hayek - 36 vs 14-Diane Lane - 25

(MERCER ISLAND) – The younger, faster Salma Hayek held off 39-year-old Diane Lane for a 36 to 25 victory in the first round of the Miller Lite Region of the 2003 Bigger Dance. Hayek had a sizeable lead at the halfway point, but a late Lane rally made the “Unfaithful” star more respectable in the end.

Field of 64 Match
Miller Lite
4/22/03 at 8:50 AM
6-Amber (Sea-Gal) - 39 vs 11-Jessica Biel - 17

(VANCOUVER) – Local favorite Amber Lancaster (of Sea-gal fame) outlasted a feisty Jessica Biel by a final of 39 to 17. Lancaster got out to an early lead and never trailed in the contest. The cheerleader should get a much better test in the second round, however, as she is scheduled to square off against Salma Hayek.

Field of 64 Match
Miller Lite
4/22/03 at 9:50 AM
7-Rebecca Romijn-Stamos - 32 vs 10-Liz Hurley - 25

(CENTRALIA) – The 9:50 game ended up being the closest of the lot on Tuesday, as Rebecca Romijn Stamos edged Liz Hurley, 32 to 25 in a battle of Bigger Dance veterans. The loss was especially difficult for Hurley, who still hasn’t won a first round game her Bigger Dance history. The Stamos victory, by the 32 to 25 margin, sets up an interesting second round matchup with Brooke Burke, who won by a similar margin – 32 to 24 over Alisha Cuthbert.

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