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Blond. James Blond.

APART FROM Sean Connery, who is the best James Bond?

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  • Roger Moore

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  • Timothy Dalton

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  • Pierce Brosnan

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  • Daniel Craig

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Jul 3, 2001
Dirty Money
Last Friday, the people who make such decisions, unveiled their new James Bond: Daniel Craig. Is it happens, he's the first blond of the Bond franchise and set to take over from Pierce Brosnan in the next film (named Casino Royale).

Should James Bond be a blond?

Frankly, when rumours were mulling about, I was hoping for either a suave Clive Owen or witty Robbie Williams (sans tattoos). On the other hand, I'm happier with a Daniel Craig (British) than with a one-rumoured Cuba Gooding Jr. (American).

About the upcoming movie and new Bond:
Yahoo.com News said:
Director Martin Campbell — who directed Brosnan's first Bond outing, "GoldenEye" in 1995 — said the movie would be "tougher and grittier" than previous films, with "more character and less gadgets." He said the story would begin with Bond first becoming a "double-0" agent.

"It is really the arc in which he becomes Bond," Campbell said. "He starts out just having earned his double-0 stripes and comes out at the end the Bond we know and love.

"A lot of the embryonic Bond things will come out in the film — how he gets the Aston Martin, how he mixes a martini."


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