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Big Step for Canada in MLS


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Feb 5, 2007
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When I read this I thought it was somewhat concerning for CPL. One of the stipulations is that the player signs his first professional contract with an MLS club.

If a young player is coming up and has to chooses to sign a contract for a pro team in the CPL, does it mean he is considered as an international player if he decides he wants to move up to the MLS? Limits his options as again a team would have to use an international slot.

Think the timing is odd, as its protectionist of the MLS clubs ensuring their development programs across the country continue to cherry pick in case the CPL starts up. Should a player join the Winnipeg pro team, or stick with the Whitecaps program hoping to make MLS?


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Feb 20, 2005
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I tend to agree with @dutch13. The right thing for MLS to do is make all Canadian players domestic regardless of what team they play for in the league.

Anything else is not in the best interest of Canadian soccer.


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Jul 23, 2001
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It's all weird.

It's not a great deal for Canadians. Better, sure, but not great.

Dutchie: my understanding is that any Canadian player, regardless of affiliation, is considered a domestic in Canada still, it's for all the American squads. Tiebert, for example, is now a Domestic in the eyes of the entire league.

Back to the weirdness...call me disappointed in the CSA for yet again rolling over to the MLS. I wish I knew the backroom details, but a very simple solution to getting Canadians more jobs in MLS would simply have been change US players to International status when playing in Canada. Canadians remain domestic. Simple, and factual, and no stupid MLS convoluted rulebook to consult.

Fcuk, I hate the MLS. Love the Caps, despite all the things wrong w/ them, all their warts. They are my hometown team (for now), but I want to see more Canadians getting real opportunities. I also hate WFC management. Telling me we couldn't have found a Canadian just as shitty as Smith? I mean, besides trying to covert a Canadian RM to do the job?

If Victoria gets a CPL team, I have a feeling I'll become a supporter. Maybe Surrey? Looking forward to the news....

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