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2020 Indy 500

Will TheRob drink too many Miller Lights at the Indy 500 and miss the finish because he had to pee?

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Jul 23, 2001
Dirty Money

Ok, firstly, SP is definitely great value. For skiing, Whistler is not unless you have a seasons pass. I may get in 50-60 days this year even though I’m injured, most of those are 1-3 hours max. It’s nice. But otherwise Whistler has priced itself out of the market IMO. When 1%ers like RF are saying it’s too expensive, you have a big problem because he is exactly your target market. Old white guy with kids and money, and a wife who likes to buy shoes and drink gin.

Mountain biking: SP has some great terrain and trails. Raced there a lot and love the technical terrain, but to give an idea, there may be 25 high level technical trails on SP and one climate zone, while Whistler has 125 just a short pedal from mi casa. Never mind Pemberton, Squamish, and everything in between. About 6 distinct different climates between them all. If I am tired of the grippy rock in Squamish I can ride something slicker in Whistler / Blackcomb, or dusty and high consequence / exposed on the West Side, I can go to Pemberton and get a better version of Sun Peakes. Same terrain, more trails, 25 minute drive from mi casa (FYI, TheRob needs to drive 60 minutes to SP).

Anyways....I chose to live where I do because it literally is the best place on this planet to live for mountain biking. It’s not just me, the rest of the world knows it too. Of all the trails in and around Whistler alone, I’ve only scratched the surface because I’ll end up repeating many because they are SO good. Oh, BTW, haven’t even touched on Bike Park, this is all free access.

There you go.

Also, @TheRob, I wasn’t disappointed when I found out you were a fag. I’ll take you as you are, if you’ll take me for everything.

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