challenge cup

  1. Regs

    CCB at Nationals 2019

    BC defending champs (finally, well done Sapperton & @robj !) First match scheduled for October 9th at 2PM Newfie time vs Manitoba Second match October 10th at 6PM Newfie time vs the hosts Rest of the schedule here: Go CCB Go!
  2. Regs

    Sapperton at Nationals 2018

    Can we please get a Championship coming back to BC? @robj Good luck to you and the rest of the crew, keep us updated if you can! First match tomorrow night vs the host province. Go BC Go!
  3. Canucks4Ever

    Inter at Nationals 2017

    Sooooo that looks to be a firm NO on Nationals for Aldy... Format changed to a 10 team tourney with 2 groups of 5 it would seem on the Men's side. First plays first from pool A and pool B for the title (second vs. second and so on and so...
  4. Regs

    Peg @ 2016 Nationals

    Just a couple of weeks away, the 2016 Nationals take place 5-10 October in St. John's, Newfoundland Labrador. Final groups have been set: Group A: Ottawa Gloucester Celtic, Charlottetown PEI FC, FC Winnipeg Lions Group B: Edmonton Scottish, Western Halifax FC, Fredericton Picaroons Reds Group...
  5. Regs

    Chile @ 2015 Nationals

    The BC Provincial Mens Champions travel to Calgary this week in hopes of coming home with the 2015 Challenge Cup. BC hasn't been National champs since 2004 :eek: Chile is in Group C along with Saskatchewan & NWT First game is Thursday vs NWT @ 3PM Pacific Second game is Friday vs Sask @ 3PM...
  6. Regs

    2014 Senior Nationals - Challenge and Jubilee Trophies

    Ontario is the host this year with games starting on October 8th. Challenge Trophy (Men) Group A Ontario (1) PEI Ontario (2) Group B BC (Croatia!) Nova Scotia New Brunswick Group C Manitoba Alberta Northwest Territories Group D Saskatchewan Quebec Newfoundland Medal Rounds for top 2 in...
  7. Regs

    Surrey United @ 2013 Nationals (men & women)

    Games start tomorrow in Halifax. Women play in the morning vs Alberta, men don't play until Thursday vs Manitoba.
  8. Regs

    SU Men & Ladies @ 2012 Nationals

    Can't remember if a thread has been started yet or not but this is super late! I believe the men are playing right now vs the hosts, Manitoba... Ladies play later this afternoon/early evening. Go SU Go!!!