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  1. Dude
    Yeah it's a pretty easy group to be inspired by. You kinda get caught up in it.
  2. Regs
    Just simply so inspiring - photos are awesome.
  3. Regs
    Thanks Mike, appreciated.
  4. Regs
    Great photo!
  5. Dude
    That was awesome. After a full winder and I don't know how many laps in a chlorinated pool, this was exactly what I needed to refresh / recharge / find a love for swimming again. Glass factory.
  6. Regs
    That looks awesome.
  7. trece verde
    Loved the freelance announcers in the background yelling "Goooooooooool!" Somebody find that kid and give him a job on telly.:D
  8. cascadesoccer
    lucky bounce on the first goal for the slip and ball to slide through, but great strike indeed. 2nd seemed offside. That strike from 30+ off the bar was a beauty.
  9. knvb
    How about the ROCKET from 40?? there is some seriously talented players on the WC2.
  10. Regs
    great strike first goal!