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Youtube Finds Take II


Better Bastard
Sep 5, 2001
Dirty Money
I never knew Bon Scott was the one who played the pipes in that song.
Learn a new thing every day - Awesome.

And yeah, that has Brownie written all over it. :D


Lifetime Better Bastard
Mar 26, 2006
Dirty Money
When I lived in Calgary, I played for the Chinooks. A guy originally from the Caribbean came out to play for us. You could tell by his face that he had been through some heavy stuff (we were mid 20s and his face looked like he was in his 50s . . . but not healthy like us). One night after practice, we were at a bar and he told me the story. He worked construction. One Thursday after work, he was out with some of the guys and one of them gave him some crack. He didn't even know what it was. He said the first toke felt like a rocket ship was lifting off in his head. Very long story short. He didn't show up for work on Friday or ever again, chasing the dragon, trying to get that same feeling as the first hit. After he burned through all his money, and borrowing off people, he resorted to stealing and ultimately ended up in jail which saved his life. He got into rehab and got out of it. Just say no to everything but booze, pot and occasionally psychedelics.

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