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Oct 4, 2002
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Dirty Money
Now I don't want to get off on a RANT here but........................

For all you U-21 bashers.

Do you ever stop and think? Where are these players gonna play if they can't get in the Premier team, not everyone can walk into premier at 18, 19. So maybe you go and play div 2 div 3 etc and learn what? How to kick shite out of each other!

Use your heads and think about what is going on here.

Take a look at the VMSL premier league, how many teams have U-21 teams? How many have div 1 CAT teams?

It's all about the numbers, if you have a strong club you you may have both U-21 and div 1 CAT and have a senior team with younger players knocking on the door to play at the higher level. But they have to play somewhere that allows them to develop and be challenged.

So your div 1 CAT team has a mix of older and younger players, usually the older players have played premier or maybe just not
quite good enough.

Your U-21 team has all young players except maybe 2 over-agers week to week that add some experience.

This system is the same as in Europe where young players are signed or developed in the clubs youth system and then brought through to the senior team slowly. The odd one plays 1st team right away but the majority play reserves (read div 1 CAT) and they also play U-21 (read U-21 vmsl).

In clubs that can't afford this whole program they send players to feeder clubs (junior's in Scotland and non-league in England for example) which is our equivalent of sending players to play div 2 and 3.

The lesson is better, bigger clubs do it the div 1 CAT and U-21 way so why can't we without there being a negative stigma on those players or clubs.

The div 1 CAT and U-21 method or route is the way to go but that's just my opinion.......................BIGBAG

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