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Jul 23, 2001
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So, for my event Saturday, had to get a sober ride home from the event in Balcarra back to DT Vancouver.

Thought of Skytrain, and this would have been option #1 if we had time. As it was, time was very tight.

We did not do Uber, thought it was not an option. I looked today and I think it may have been. As it was, we took an executive car service, which was slightly more than a cab would be, with more comfort and better service. Uber would have saved me a lot more, about $100.00 for the round trip, assuming it as actually available. At the end of the day, business function, business expense, and time accuracy was paramount, not saving money.

The executive car service is always first class service. Which in this case was true, but I've taken Uber with just as good service.

It should be noted, drive actually did crack one off on the return trip. Thought he could get away with a silent bomb. I rolled down window till he asked me why, was it too hot in the car? I said no, the smell was bad. Did not tip return trip. Seriously, it happened, can't make this shite up!
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