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Game Shows Are Not Made The Way Used To Be: For Smart People


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Jul 3, 2001
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Tonight, I saw the last 2 questions of a contestant of "Who's Smarter Than a Fitfth Grader".

Here were here last two questions (I kid you not).
1. True of False: North America is in the Eastern Hemisphere. (She answered wrong, but was "saved" by the correct answer of her 5th Grade buddy.
2. If y=3x, and 3x=12 what does y equal. (She chose not to answer and to walk away with winnings up to that point)

She walked away $50,000. Had she been able to take her head out of her grade 2 ass, and said "12", she would have won $100,000.

Immediately prior to this, I watch Jeopardy and watched a three geniuses battle it out. The winner took home just over $10,000. The contestants had to answer all of their questions in rapid fire, while the Grade 1 dumb ass got about 5 minutes to consider her answers before "locking it in".

What is wrong with entertainment these days? And what is going on with our tolerance toward mediocrity? Why do we praise and reward people for their stupidity? An answer from a broadcaster might be because it sells commercial airtime -- it captivates viewers. But why? What's happening to our culture of entertainment?

Some may say these are just game shows and worth little discussion in the first place. But I think it's a symptom of a larger problem. Reality shows such as "American Chopper", "Miami Ink", and "Little People, Big World" are beginning to simply make us take fun in watching other people do their job, go on vacation, talk about their careers and aspirations, sit around their house and celebrate holidays and birthdays. Basically we watch other people live their life and broadcasters call it entertainment.

What is wrong with us?

BTW, I've watched a lot of TV lately.

trece verde

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Dec 28, 2001
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"Nobody ever went broke underestimating the taste of the American public."

Why is this stuff there?

1) It's cheap to make.
2) People watching can feel superior to the chumps in front of them.
3) quick and easy titillation from the folks who brought you McDonald's and Twinkies.
4) it's summer time and nobody in their right mind would be watching this shite anyway...

Why do you watch it?

1) There's nothing else on (horseshite!)
2) You want that smugness that comes from feeling superior to the chumps in front of you.
3) Somebody else has control of the remote and you're stuck in an awkward social situation (let's go with that one)...
4) it's summer time and you're definitely not in your right mind...

Sonno, there is no "culture of entertainment." "Entertainment" is whatever you can come up with as an idea and get somebody to fund to put on telly. Lowest Common Denominator, even. If you're really worried about it, don't watch it. Find a good book to read instead, or some good tunes to listen to. Take a walk, even (if you're up to it yet), but FFS, stay away from the idiot box, unless there's a good game on (btw, it's "fifth," not "fitfth":D).

I don't blame brown people; just Gurps. Especially when he doesn't show up on Wednesdays...:D

Chuck doesn't need the CIA.

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