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  • Congrats on the success you have achieved with the lads. We all know how hard it is. Good luck this season! Cheers
    Kent Waechter, Sapperton
    Do 1 of 2 things:

    cut from word and paste into notepad - then copy and paste from notepad into the TTP editor


    Cut and paste into the TTP editor and then selcet/highlight all the text in the editor and change the color of the text to white
    Thanks R, I as yet have not been able to travel because of work, I am hoping tomorrow eve, but do not know yet. Yes, our group is much tougher IMO, but WV has a very good side, so we will see, Thank you for your wishes. M.
    Hey Mike:

    Good Luck in Saskatoon....Just tell the boys to cover their ass as it looks like is going to be cold overthere...just watched the weather news and there will be SNOW SHOWER (tomorrow).

    I saw the teams on your group and on paper it is the harder group, you have Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta (with Larsson on the bench). Very difficult group but also very possible to get out of it as a WINNER.

    Again all the best.

    Life in Saskatoon die at around 6pm (from what I remember anyways), from there is just about the best bar/pub you can find or the quality of the hospitality room if there is one. My first three years in Canada were in that city.

    Have fun,

    Mr. Rempa
    Are they on TTP? If not, they need to be on TTP - it's a public group right now so they should be able to join w/o needing an invite.

    The link to the group is:

    TTP Community - North Shore Pegasus
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