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    Incase You Missed It!!!!!!

    https://www.michaelgeist.ca/2022/05/keeping-the-bill-c-11-implementation-secret-regulating-user-content-and-citing-non-existent-benefits-some-reflections-on-the-house-of-commons-online-streaming-act-debate/ Trying to pass the bill c11 without actually telling what's in the bill and keeping the...
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    2022 Whitecaps

    Jokes aside I don't even think whitecaps would do well in CPL. They would be at the bottom maybe mid table team. I guess that's what happens when you don't have relegation/promotion system in place. They need new ownership that is willing to spend money on the team. Vancouver is one of the...
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    Canucks 2021/2022

    I agree Canucks aren't shy about spending big money. Caps on the other hand aren't spending any money. Some crazy rumors going around that Canucks may not extend Bruce Boudreaus contract past this season. He has done an excellent job since he took over. They are 25-13-8 for 13th in overall...
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    Div 2 [VMSL] 2022 Div 2 Cup

    Great game and congrats to Harps!
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    Global Warming

    Also, what's funny is that businesses like large grocery stores charging $0.4/paper bag and Starbucks $0.25/cup just to name a few. This has created another income revenue stream for these businesses and then you hear lefties complaining about the price increase. You are never going to get...
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    2023 Expansion Call

    There are 7 teams and I haven't looked at the schedule but I am assuming they play each other at least once home and away game. So that is 6 home games where you can make money at the gate (if they charge), merchandise and food and drinks. They need to be making a minimum of 10k per home game...
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    Russia Invades Ukraine

    It pains me to write this but as half Ukranian (dad side) and half Russian (mom side) I feel that there are alot of misleading information in the media. I grew up on both sides of the border through my teen years and early adult life so I'm very aware of the situation that has been happening...
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    Div 1 [VMSL] Div 1 2021/2022 Predictions, Results & Banter

    Looks like Pool B has 3 teams that can not be promoted to Premier; Rinos Fury, Metro Ford and Coastal. So in theory if those teams finish top 3 then the 4th place gets promotion and 5th place gets a playoff game. Kind of strange that the league would put all of them in one pool. Can someone...
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    Gain Muscle / Lose Weight Process

    What I found that works for me was cutting out booze, sugar and carbs. I would also add 3 main exercise to your routine. Squats, deadlift and bench press and the reason why is those 3 exercises boost your natural testosterone especially if you do heavy sets. Diet is one of the biggest...
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    Kid Carson gets fired

    Ya maybe he did or maybe he didn't who knows. But you cant argue with the facts and what he is saying is true.
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    Numb from the Covid

    Other provinces are starting to lift all restrictions and proceed with normality but yet Bonnie Henry rolled a new vaccine mandate for all health care professionals. Other countries have already removed all mandates and opended up and living a normal life but here we have Trudeau about to call...
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    Numb from the Covid

    Mayor of Ottawa called tow trucks today to start towing and their reply to him was "we have covid". This whole convoy could of ended on day 1 if Trudeau would have addressed them and their concerns but instead he called them a small minority, racist and not Canadian. Those comments fueled...
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    2022 WC Qualifying

    I can't remember last time that I was excited for Canada game. I can't wait for tonight. I know 1-3 places go to WC and 4th place goes to playoff. Does it matter which place Canada finishes 1 through 3rd place. I guess the question is if there is any advantage for them if they finish 1st or...
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    Numb from the Covid

    Thanks @Dude, I am hopeful that it will get better. As for the trucking industry, people don't realize the severity of this situation. The produce that comes from south of the border ain't coming and if it is then the shipping cost is significantly higher and then that cost gets passed on to...
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    Numb from the Covid

    Thanks @Regs and @Dude! We found a really good Neoeosurgeon at VGH who actually listened and believed us because his sister was going through the same thing and he was the one referred us to the US neurosurgeon to get the test done. One thing that he mentioned that stood out for me, he said...