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    2019 Whitecaps

    What was Paul Barbers title when he was here?
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    Back To The Numbers: A statistical look at Week 6 of the CPL

    League should see an uptick in coverage when they play CCL against MLS teams next month. Undefeated Calgary vs Whitecaps? I might cheer for Adekugbe jr. Apparently expansion is supposed to be announced later this month with 1-2 teams in Quebec. Won't raise the profile in BC but helps the...
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    U20 World Cup players on Marc Dos Santos’ radar but “aggressive” and “inflated” market proves problematic

    I really hope this isn't an accurate representation of our scouting process - watching players on TV and googling... Mind you it wouldn't necessarily be a surprise. MDS should try BEinSports. Maybe the big leagues didn't sign up for that cable package either
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    2019 Pacific FC Results & Banter

    Free trial on Production and commentating is way in front of Whitecaps. Same number of rookie mistakes (wrong calls/players) but the commentators actually let you enjoy the game. Worth the $10 a month to support the league I think. Again I thought the entertainment was there...
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    York9 “continuing to get better every day” as they get set for historic CPL opener

    Was at the game, above the Forge fans... They were trying hard, but def need some practice. Does it matter how many $20 tickets you sell if people inside are buying $13.00 beers? Can't we meet in the middle somewhere? Exciting times for Canadian Soccer... Hope they continue to build a fan base...
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    2019 Whitecaps

    Are we done with Felipe yet? Thought I would give him a new chance this season, but he's noticeably poor. Lucky not to lose by more with his giveaways. In-Boem has to be getting frustrated playing with them. Can't have Felipe and Teibert both out there, and at least Teibert isn't noticeable...
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    Premier [VMSL Premier] Predictions, Results & Banter 2018/2019

    What if ice cream was offered at that specific session?
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    2019 Whitecaps

    It would be awesome if Steve Nash or any owner took a bit more of an active role. I found it surprising that Kerfoot actually announced the coaching hire. You see Drew Carey on the sidelines in Seattle, leading their marches to the field... When we played LAFC Will Ferrell was leading the...
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    2018 Whitecaps

    Its crazy - beginning of the season Teibert would have been close to the bottom of the list in terms of players to keep around. Now he's the only one to keep? I don't argue with it - he's clearly playing for his job, and has been energetic. He played 90 on Tuesday, flew back from TO and was...
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    2018 Whitecaps

    RT has played the ball forward more this season than all other seasons combined. I'll agree that RT is the least of the worries on this team now, which is a pretty sad sign of affairs - when a fringe player becomes your rock in the CM. I don't think he's improved necessarily, but everyone...
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    2018 Whitecaps

    How awful are the caps to watch without Davies. Yesterday was embarrassing. Please burn them to the ground regardless of if this trade works out, as they need to start from scratch. Our lack of discipline this year is ridiculous. How does a player who occasionally wear an arm band lose his...
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    Canadian Premier League

    Didn't you just argue that the potential ownership group did not contain any SEA descent, and now you're arguing that the all white city council didn't want to play ball with the all white ownership group? Its tiring how you suck the life out of topics with your own agenda.
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    Canadian Premier League

    Please can we keep this relevant to the CPL and not Soccercoachs racial analysis of Canada. Van Island has a stadium and are actively working to prep the stadium to be ready for a 2019 launch. Surrey does not have a stadium, and as a city does not seem interested in accelerating stadium plans...
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    From the Pigeon Loft: Waiting for Robbo

    I'm not sure how the abandonment of our USL squad went by so quietly. While it struggled to promote players to the first team and get fans, surely there was a better solution than to sell the farm. Thats where the real hopelessness comes in. Management have stated they're not going to go out...
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    2018 Whitecaps

    MLS has a number of teams that simply go through the motions in terms of managements. They field a team that can be considered competitive and are happy with it. There are several clubs in the MLS that use the structure and have built fantastic programs bringing in players or developing them...