The Halifax Wanderers Football Club is excited to announce that 2022 Training Camp will officially begin on Monday, February 28. With the 2022 Canadian Premier League kicking off on April 7, excitement is once again building in Halifax. In total, camp will open with 27 players including the majority of first team squad players so far announced for the 2022 season, as well as some trialists working to earn the last remaining roster spots. “It’s been a long off-season so we’re excited to bring everyone back together again on the pitch,” said Head Coach Stephen Hart. “Everyone has been working hard since the New Year on their own individual programs at home and now it’s time to get to work on the pitch and start focusing on a big season ahead.” Below you can see the full list of players who will be participating in the Wanderers 2022 Training Camp. *Kareem Sow will also return to Wanderers for a second CPL-U SPORTS contract early in the 2022 season once he has fulfilled his academic obligations at Université de Montreal.

U23 ID Camp​

Additionally, this past week, Wanderers football staff hosted 33 players from the Atlantic region to participate in a U23 ID camp. Led by U23 Head Coach Mesut Mert, the ID Camp took place from February 21-23 at the BMO Soccer Center in Halifax, providing an opportunity for players who live or study in Atlantic Canada to showcase their talent in front of Wanderers coaching staff ahead of a planned series of showcase Wanderers U23 games in Summer 2022. “This was the second U23 ID camp we’ve held in Halifax,” explained U23 Head Coach Mesut Mert. “We cast the net a little wider this time to ensure we had a chance to see some more players they didn’t get a look at last November. We’ve been pleased with the quality on show and this will really help us continue to assemble a strong squad for our games this summer.”

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