It was pretty much business as usual this past week around the Canadian Premier League, as all eight clubs continued working hard in hopes of a 2020 season. We had a handful of new player signings, with Maxim Tissot joining Forge FC, Sean Young signing with Pacific FC, and former HFX Wanderers FC defender Chakib Hocine landing with Valour FC. Forge boss Bobby Smyrniotis spoke in the plural this week, suggesting there could be another name or two on the way: "We’re looking into domestic products and we have some we’ll bring forward. We have a belief in Canadian players that won’t stop here." Meanwhile in Nova Scotia, Wanderers gaffer Stephen Hart spoke gave an update on the status of internationals Eriks Santos and Alex Marshall. "We are depending on these players – they’re young, new to the squad, and we want to build around them," Hart told CanPLca. "They would be a catalyst for establishing a base for players for 2021." Here's what Week 7 has looked like in training across the country.
Forge gives fans a first look at Maxim Tissot

Pacific, meanwhile, introduced Sean Young...

...and Jordan Haynes.

Nobody's gonna outmuscle Atlético Ottawa this year.

York9's Chris Mannella understands the value of a high-potassium snack.

An HFX Wanderers photographer caught Jason Beaulieu before he could fix his hair

In Edmonton, Hanson Boakai has been working on his free kicks.

And down the road in Calgary, the Cavs have been all smiles.

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