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No one else posted in the thread so I figured I would save my time. Definitely unlucky. I’m sure we will gain some luck soon.
Guess I have to figure out who you are now.
Haha good luck!
Where’s the commentary from week 2 and tonight?!... I say for us very unlucky to not have 7 out of a possible 9 points so far!....
I also have found 4 players on Chile no ITC they and Inter are behind all this stupid ITC
Only wanted to let you know I phoned Rob Keam a week ago on Langley to let him know the name of a player on his squad who does not have a ITC form to take him off his list for his next game
After what happened to us I did not want this to happen to another team
Fraser Valley or Vmsl
Mills is a nasty man
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Yeah they mentioned that. It’s nasty and Mills is a nasty man. BTW, this is my wall and “Public” to all TTP members. Go to our conversation for anything private.
Well, I guess that makes Real Madrid favourites for the Champion's League now. They're hitting top gear. ABL: Anyone But Liverpool.
Phil, I play for Meraloma's - we've played a few games against each other at both footy and darts; seen you've left Norvan? If you're looking for a team, welcome to come down and play with us boys...
Give us a shout mate.
He is still with Norvan just the other div1 team