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Zack Morris on Jimmy Fallon


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Jun 28, 2001
Dirty Money
I was a Saved by the Bell fan but that was, in the words of every non-prominent TTPer,... "gay"


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Oct 15, 2004
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No Way,

That was epic. Brick Phone, Jeff reference, the Friends Forever song, references about "Stacy Caruso" and so much more... :D


and Regs, it's spelled "Ghey", just ask Dude. ;)


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Sep 10, 2007
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Rules to the Coolest Drinking Game Ever!

This game can be a lot of fun especially if you have a lot of friends who loved the show back in the day when we all used to watch it. I think this is one of the best games ever, and works very well if you own the Saved by the Bell DVD’s. All you need

for this game is the DVD’s of the show or tapes of the show or if it happens to be on TV, in which case you are drinking way too early.

So the rules to this game are pretty simple there is a set amount of drinks for everyone when different things happen in the show. The group drinks for all the best moments in the show, there are a lot of rules so it might take you a few times of playing before you have them all memorized. Each person also picks a character and you drink when events happen to your character.

Have fun with the game and go buy the DVD’s and play at your next party.

Individual Drinking

Pick a character and every time your character goes to the Max/Belding’s office/detention/Mr. Dewie’s class/Or a Dance drink for 5 seconds.

1 Drink for when:

Zack talks to camera
Slater calls Jessie "momma"
Belding is had
Teacher is tricked
Screech put into something (trash can, locker)

2 Drinks anytime:

The gang learns a lesson
Zack sent to Belding's office
One of the group is working
Zack uses his awesome cell phone we all wanted
Slater wrestles in a very fake manner
Zach and Slater fight over Kelly
Slater calls Zack "preppie"
Anytime locker room scene
Lisa mentions shopping
Screech asks Lisa out
Lisa yells at Screech
Jessie calls Slater "poppa"
Jessie calls Slater “pig”

3 Drinks anytime:

Zack timeout
Zack’s plans works/doesn't work
Screech falls down
We see someone’s parents

4 Drinks anytime:

Some one breaks up
Kelly Cries
Belding says "Hey, hey, hey - what is going on here?!?"

5 Drinks anytime:

An Episode is “To be continued..."
Tori is in the episode
Special episode (beach, wedding, etc)
Slater says “oink oink baby”
Any one is slapped

There you have it now you can buy the DVD’s and play the game, this game is a huge hit at parties!

Dial 9-1-1

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Jul 9, 2002
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I was a Saved by the Bell fan but that was, in the words of every non-prominent TTPer,... "gay"

Agreed. A drinking party with Polska would cheer me up more than that skit did.:eek:

Hey Fallon: Bob Saget called. He wants his writers back.

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