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Why No Metro Youth Players Considered for BC Provincial Teams?

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Mar 22, 2013
Dirty Money
BC Soccer is shooting themselves in the foot by ignoring the small but quality pool of talent playing at the youth Metro level. They will not consider any player playing at this level for a provincial team. Case in point - my son's Metro U15 team team has played a particular SPL U15 team twice in the last 8 months in exhibition games and beat them decisively both times. Yet, this same SPL team has three players on the provincial team while none of the players on my son's team are invited to the provincial tryouts. Sure, I've heard the excuse that if a player wants to be considered for the provincial team, then play SPL. However, there are many reasons why a player may want to player Metro instead, including the quality of the coaching, location, and the ludicrous fees charged for SPL. My son gets considerably better coaching playing Metro for his particular team and attending additional clinics than he did when he played SPL and is happy to stay where he is. But why should he or any other quality player be ignored for a provincial tryout?
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