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Aug 13, 2002
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Hmmm. Anyone got GPS?
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Opinions, rumours and "takes" on the Whitecaps sister squad. Moving this to it's own thread, rather than take up space in the other MWSL forums.

So Kara "Clubber" Lang signs with the Breakers, uh sorry, Whitecaps FC Women. (Creative aren't they?:rolleyes:) The worst kept secret in town for the past month.

A good signing for the short-term, but obviously a "you scratch mine, I scratch yours" set up with the CSA. Otherwise, I am sure Lang would have played closer to home in Toronto, or even Ottawa.

The real news is who didn't sign today. No Timko and no Thorlakson, but not as conspicuous as no Marta. Rumour has it that Marta was supposed to be announced along with Lang, but now the CBF wants money. (A transfer fee, in women's soccer ... who would have thunk it?) The Whitecaps are now waffling, not wanting to commit to anything more than the kid's room and board, otherwise, the other players (none of whom are paid) may start to get ideas. (Hey, Sudeyko, you reading this?)

Will be interesting to see how this all pans out.

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