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Div 2 [VMSL Div 2] Predictions, Results & Banter 2020/2021


Sep 11, 2019
Dirty Money
I am just guessing that after all games in a "cohort group" are played, the next (different) "cohort group" (with 4 teams that did not play yet against each other) will be formed and then those teams will play against each other and so on until all games are played in Cohort Cup division (changed now from Covid Cup to Cohort Cup as per VMSL web page).
This is just a guess.

As I understand it there will be a Europa league type setup. So probably the top 2 from each group in one Knockout style tournament, and the bottom two from each group in another Knockout tournament.


Sep 8, 2016
Dirty Money
In the spirit of @Canucks4Ever , these are the Div 2 Covid Cup opening weekend completely baseless predictions.

Group A
vs Westside Juniors
- Gonna take GFC on this one. But right off the bat we get an introduction to the question, "what did COVID do to teams with a lot of Irish fellas?" Did lots of guys from other countries head home during the pandemic? Did things stay largely the same? If they did, GFC wins.

Westcoast Celts vs Rinos Rangers (draw)
- No idea so it's a draw. Looks like VUFC Rangers and Rino's bulldogs are now Rino's Rangers, but they were 2nd and 3rd last in Div 2. Celts had a good season in Div 3, so this should be close.

Group B
Marpole Tropics
vs InterEDCBb1#1Academy (great name)
- Marpole wins because their team name is less stupid.

BCT Hurricanes vs Sarajevo
- Sarajevo is now 'NVFC Lions (ex Sarajevo)'. There's no way that becoming part of NVFC made them worse. BCT Hurricanes seem to have trouble getting organized year in and year out.

Group C
Astro FC vs MAFC (draw)
- This game is tied because both teams are tied in terms of the question "...who the fcuk are they?" Astro started fast last year then did their Astro thing, staying around in Div 2. MAFC (seems to be) some 'fallen off the fruit wagon' version of the MAFC team that reached Prem. Maybe the dudes in Prem know more, but there doesn't seem to be any information on where this div 2 MAFC team has come from.

FC Romania vs SFC Temple A
SFC got third and Div 3, and Romania knows how to play Div 2 level ball, despite their record. SFC lost to GFC last year 5 - 1 in the cup, so the standard will be to much of a challenge.

Group D
Twin Arrows
vs Richmond FC Olympics
- A classic Div 2 matchup here. This could be a 6 - 5 win for either team. Flipping a coin.

Bombastic FC A vs Vancouver Harps
- Our second instance of the Irish players question! Harps tried so hard to win div 2 last year, and didn't. How they ended up in a group with Bombastic, Twin Arrows and Richmond is hard to understand. They'll win, and Bombastic draws the short straw of being the first team to get poked in the butt with a finger.

Group E
Gastown FC vs VUFC Snipers
- Not sure if this Snipers team is the Snipers from last year. If the Gastown team is the Gastown team from last year, it could be a rough one, though I wouldn't surprise to see a 2 - 1 Snipers win.

Meraloma A vs France FC
- Over 3 years, France FC hasn't gotten promoted to Div 2, and hasn't faired well against Div 2 opposition. Meraloma was a power house last year, and may be again. Wouldn't surprise me to see FFC 'au fond de' Group E

Group F
13th Legion vs Siaron
- This will be closer than 13th Legion thinks, and I think this will be the first 'upset' of the Group sessions.

Strathcona vs West Van FC B
- The third and final instalment of the Irish question - Strathcona proved to be a good team last year, with one of the top goal scorers in div 2. Expect them to start with a W.

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