Div 2 [VMSL Div. 2] Predictions, Results & Banter 2018/2019

Discussion in 'VMSL' started by Canucks4Ever, Aug 17, 2018.

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    And it looks like there was an absolutely insane finish to that Sierra/Shaheen match as well with Sierra getting an injury time winner before Shaheen were reduced to nine men BUT still then tied the game back up before conceding ANOTHER injury time winner!

    View attachment upload_2019-2-10_12-53-19.png

    A crucial win for Sierra for certain, though I am not sure that the outlook for promotion is as determined as you suggest.

    Their one game in hand over Serbia is the 10 minutes needing to be finished off against VanU, which is set to resume with VanU having a free kick from six yards out to try and tie the game. If they do score and Sierra cannot rescue the match, then there game in hand is effectively neutralized as they will only be two points up on Serbia when the sides clash (assuming nobody drops points elsewhere). That would mean Serbia could vault them with a win, so likely still too soon to call this race.

    In 2A, you would back Strikers to finally wrap up the title, after playing with there food for the last couple of weeks, with a win over relegation threatened Westside today, assuming the snow does not intervene.

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