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TTP Post of the Month - Novembers Winner


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Aug 17, 2001
Dirty Money
With weeks of debate, deliberation, arguing, ignoring, temper tantrums and more ignoring, stopping just short of civil war, those damn Yankee's, we've, I've, come up with Novembers winner....

Before I divulge that winner let me say a post oozing sarcasm like this, seems to be in rare supply but are a breath of fresh air in a polluted metropolis. I take my hat off to you Dude though, only long enough to insert ear plugs.

Congratulations, yours was the best effort.

Dude said:
That's an interesting proposal, Regs.

The human ear can perceive a broad range of sound pressures, from the threshold of hearing (2 x [10 ^ -7] microbar) to the threshold of pain (1 microbar). The threshold of pain is five million times louder than the threshold of hearing. This is what you get when your wife is nagging you to take out the garbage. The decibel is used in acoustical work to indicate sound pressure levels because it condenses this tremendous range of values to a workable range of from 10 dB to 130 dB. So, your 110 benchmark is within a measurable range.

If we are to establish a clear over/under, an acceptable noise level criteria must be established, based on the activity in the area, the nature of my noise, the relationship of the listening location, and the OSHA permissible noise exposure regulations. Local WCB guidelines call for a permissible noise level of 85 dBA at 3.3' over an 8 hour work period. Therefore, 3.3' should be used as the measuring point.

Location of the noise source (me) with respect to the listener is very important. The greater the distance, the lower the noise level. Use of absorptive and reflective materials usually control excessive noise. Therefore, if I'm sitting next to or near either Notty or Utah, that will help as large fleshy surfaces are considered to be absorptive to sound energy.

If I seem excessively noisy, an octave band sound analyzer should be employed to measure the noise level, before automatically jumping to conclusions that I have exceeded the benchmark. Because it analyzes the spectrum by octaves, it is helpful in isolating components within the spectrum that are major contributors to the noise problem. I argue that La Rocca is an environment that contributes to excessive noise, as marble flooring serves as a major reflecting surface.

Often, I am not the major source of the noise; many times it is nearby machinery or the surrounding environment that is louder than me. I know they have dishwashers (and I don't mean Guinness) at La Rocca. To reduce acoustical noise, a reduction in sound energy is important. Therefore, it can be argued that the wine, and my consumption of it, is a key factor in (eventually) reducing my noise level.

Anyhow, I'll take the under.

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