Over 40's goal keeper wanted



Over 40's men's league team is looking for a goal keeper. The team is based out of Coquitlam and has different ethinic players including, Italians, Hungarians, Scots and some Heinz57. Though no stats are kept (of course), every year we bat about 700. Our current keeper is going to the over 50s. Our spirit is excellent, very friendly and supportive. After each game we usually have beer and BBQ. During the season we practice once a week (Tuesday nights) in a gym near Lougheed mall. Our players are not just from Coquitlam, so getting rides is not a problem if you live elsewhere and don't have a car. Great team, great play and good cameradership. PS - you don't have to be over 40.... if you are 2-3 years younger, that's ok. Call Carlo's cell 5511241 or email znzn@shaw.ca.

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