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Jun 29, 2001
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How exciting is this? N.B. the use of 'star' and the words 'Paul' and 'Kruse'. Surely a first. My try-out begins tomorrow afternoon with the London Knights and the fact that I can't skate means I'll obviously be hired into management.

Sheffield Steelers Press Release, 13 September 2001
The hearts of many Super League defensemen sank today as the Sheffield Steelers announced the major signing of NHL star Paul Kruse. The 31 year old left winger joins the Steelers after a glittering NHL career which spanned 451 League and Stanley Cup Play Off Games, in which time he scored 43 goals, 35 assists and amassed 1110 penalty minutes.

Steelers coach Mike Blaisdell said "I think this signing shows that we mean business, we may have started behind the eight ball but Paul Kruse will assist us in getting back to where we belong."

Kruse started his NHL career with Calgary Flames between 1990 and 1997 before being traded to the New York Islanders where he spent another two seasons, he then moved on with further spells in Buffalo and San Jose. Kruse has also played 290 games in the IHL.

"He will be a power house" continued Blaisdell "He is so big and strong, he will make all the guys on our team seem 3" taller. To play in the NHL for one year is an achievement, to play there as long as Paul has shows he is a lot more than just a tough winger. This guy will put bums on seats around the league not just in Sheffield."

Paul Kruse will hopefully fly to Britain once all work permit application forms have been completed, he said today "I am excited about Britain and how hockey has taken off there, everyone tells me that Sheffield is the place to play. I have spoken for many hours with Mike Blaisdell and cant wait to get on the ice playing for him."
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