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Jun 28, 2001
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Record month for Wembley (29 July 2004)

England’s dramatic EURO 2004 campaign has helped Club Wembley to achieve a record month for sales of its 10-year Seat Licenses during June.

England fans, gripped by the progress of their team, phoned the Club Wembley hotline and visited their website in record numbers. They reserved some 460 of the special long-term seat licenses, representing bookings worth more than £20 million in one month alone!

Group Commercial Director for The FA, Jonathan Hill, said, "We are proud of our success to date on Club Wembley. We’ve sold over 5,000 seats already, including all 160 boxes. With 18 months before the stadium opens, this is an incredible achievement. Seats are selling fast, with several blocks now completely sold out.

"Watching England in Portugal, with all its highs and lows, has inspired fans to secure their place at the new Wembley and reminded people that the team will be back playing at their spiritual home before the next World Cup. As the stadium takes shape and fans are able to see how fantastic it will be, we expect demand to grow even faster."

Of course, June should also have seen the new stadium’s spectacular Arch raised into its final resting position. Unfortunately, similar problems to those that affected the raising of the London Eye meant that, though it was certainly visible across London, it alone didn’t quite make its monthly target…

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