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Match Day 13- Sweet 16


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Jul 20, 2001
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Since there hasn't been an update today, I thought I'd post today's results.

Sweet 16 Match
Miller Genuine Draft
5/5/03 at 6:50 AM
1-Anna Kournikova - 47
vs 5-Jessica Simpson - 17

(COLVILLE) – Bigger Dance power Anna Kournikova advanced to the Elite Eight with a 30 point win over Jessica Simpson, 47 to 17. The “Russian Rocket” bolted out to a 9-1 lead and built it to 17-4 in the early going. Simpson’s run came to an end after posting wins over Trista Rehn and Penelope Cruz in the first two rounds.

Sweet 16 Match
5/5/03 at 7:50 AM
3-Faith Hill - 38
vs 2-Jennifer Aniston - 27

(BATTLE GROUND) – Faith Hill proved she still has plenty left as the country mega-star advanced to yet another Elite Eight appearance with a 38 to 27 victory over “Friends” vixen Jennifer Anniston. Hill surprisingly entered the game as a 15 point underdog but quickly set the tone and never trailed in the contest.

Sweet 16 Match
Miller Genuine Draft
5/5/03 at 8:50 AM
3-Kitana Baker - 40
vs 2-Jennifer Lopez - 25

(KELSO) – Miller Lite catfight girl, Kitana Baker, continued to ride the momentum into this year’s event with a 15 point win over Jennifer Lopez – a 40 to 25 final. Baker got out to the early lead and toyed with a double digit margin for most of the contest. A huge Elite Eight showdown lies in wait against tennis/modeling star, Anna Kournikova.

Sweet 16 Match
5/5/03 at 9:50 AM
1-Jennifer Garner - 42
vs 4-Jennie Finch - 22

(GEORGE) – “Alias” star Jennifer Garner posted a 20 point victory over softball phenom Jennie Finch 42 to 22 in a sweet 16 matchup this morning. Garner advanced to the Elite Eight and is primed for a showdown with Faith Hill. The Elite Eight contests will feature two halves of action, providing twice as many chances to vote.


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Jun 28, 2001
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3 4 4 :cool:

Who knew Faith Hill still had something left (other than Sandman's wishful thinking :D )?

Up by 6 :D

Roll on Brooke!


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