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[ITV Guru] Clough salutes Wenger's Gunners


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Aug 17, 2001
Dirty Money
Re: [ITV Guru] Clough salutes Wenger's Gunners and calls Walks a Cnut.

Just for you Walks. :p

Clough salutes Wenger's and KNVB's Gunners

Arsenal, Thursday August 26 2004

Brian Clough has hailed Arsenal's record-breaking unbeaten league run and admits he did not think the record he presided over at Nottingham Forest could be beaten.

After equalling Forest' record of 42 consecutive league games without defeat courtesy of a 5-3 victory over Middesbrough on Sunday, the Gunners made the record their own with a 3-0 home defeat of Blackburn on Wednesday.

Despite the small matter that the Gunners are managed by a Frenchman, Arsene Wenger, Clough would not begrudge them their record, which he described as "nothing short of incredible".

Clough told Five Live Breakfast: "I didn't think it could be beaten.

"It's such a prestige thing, and such an achievement. But as they say in the business all records are there to be beaten.

"I'm loathe to confess they could be as good as us. They are brilliant.

"It sticks in the craw a little bit because nobody likes Arsenal!" he joked.

"Of course there's a Frenchman in charge, Wenger, and not many English people like Frenchmen. He is a top, top manager."

Clough's record-breaking side was not nearly as talented as the Arsenal squad and their brand of football, as Graeme Souness noted, was dour and not pleasing on the eye compared to Wenger's men's swashbuckling style.

Clough said: "Dour we certainly were, perhaps collectively we weren't as talented as Arsenal.

"At the end of the day it's the results that count, you can't argue with that.

"I admire myself for the 42 undefeated games much more than the European Cup."


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Dec 4, 2001
Dirty Money
Cloughie said:
"I admire myself for the 42 undefeated games much more than the European Cup."

If there was any proof that Brian Clough is still heavily on the piss, this comment certainly proves that :rolleyes:

43 Unbeaten is impressive albeit not as impressive as the treble :wa:

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