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Intertoto Cup


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Jul 5, 2001
Dirty Money
Winner's play the Uefa Cup

Three game's left in the Intertoto Cup...it could be said that they are the only game's that matter since three winner's go on to play for the much more pretigious UEFA Cup.

First leg

Basel (Swi) - Aston Villa (Eng)
A Swiss team of nobody's, who also happen to be in very poor form at the moment, against an English team of nobody's with the exception of Smiechel(sp)(who's not playing) and a sissy Frenchman (Ginola, who may not be playing?).

Villa 2-0

Troyes (Fra) - Newcastle U. (Eng)
I'll take the sissy French in this one. The sissy English team have been on a tear so far in the pre-season but Troyes will win on the fact that Newcastle manager Bobby Robson is an old fart and will be tactically out manouvered by the younger, more "with the times", manager for Troyes (whatever his name is?).

Troyes 1-0

Paris S.G. (Fra) - Brescia (Ita)
Anelka vs. Baggio

0-0 Draw

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