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Jul 3, 2001
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Dirty Money
I just finished visiting to CKNW's audio vault wherein you can listen to this morning's (Thursday, Feb 19/04) interview between Bill Good Jr. and Paul Martin. Despite everything Martin's boasted about doing -- whistle-blower protection, Royal Commissions, stepping down if found responsible, etc. -- the one thing that pisses me off the most is the following.

Numerous times since last week, I have heard Martin say he will not "leave a stone unturned", "take all steps necessary to determine who is responsible", "gain Canadians' trust back", and "clean this up, come hell or high water". Yet, he admitted on today's CKNW program that he has not, and cannot explain why not, spoken to the former Prime Minister about it. Why the fcuk not?!

Chretien was in charge when all of this happened, and now does nothing more than make stupid remarks to the media regarding the whole scandal. I say get him up against the investigating committee and get some fcuking questions answered. Why are they treating him with kids' gloves?

Martin says he wont' leave a stone unturned. Well, Jean is the biggest stinkin' boulder of them all.

Get it done, Pauley. :mad:

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