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Premier [FVSL] Premier 2021/2022 Predictions, Results & Banter

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Jul 24, 2004
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I can't keep up with all of the shady shite this year in this league but maybe they should lose provincial cup spots?


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Nov 19, 2003
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First of all I’m at the club. Being thru it with coastal/north delta there are soooooo many issues at Surrey united. one you need a person like Lion or a staff member who takes interest in creating the connection between the youth/men’s. By interest I mean puts in the hard yards at zero cost to do the coddling of young and old egos. the reality is this is the top of the club pyramid. Who’s going pro, come the fcuk on.

Ive seen zero effort to create a connection between the men’s team and the youth. I’ve talked about this in the past. Running camps for kids. Having kids be ball boys at premier games. Not just guys being from the team on the paid staff but kids/parents need to know this. Hey my coaches play on this team every Saturday at 2pm. This is where I want to play after watching their soccer mentors. They need to put effort into creating the connection. It’s great to all walk around in the same gear but what does it mean.

Why does this not happen? Multiple reasons. One and the glaring one,
men’s teams don’t make the club money. So really they don’t put effort in it. Clubs are run like a business and well how much money do business’ put in things that make them zero money.

Two Surrey has been the only BCSPL franchise in the area for a long time. Langley/Newton didn’t have one. In turn Surrey didn’t need to work super hard on developing their own players. Top players came to them. Then graduate the program and don’t actually live in the area or have a Deep connection to the club. They don’t stay to join the men’s program.

I actually think the addition of the BCSPL clubs will help Surrey united. They will find out in a hurry we need to work much harder at developing our own players if we want to continue the successful history of the youth and in turn adult programs. It we don’t well we will watch other clubs pass us by.

These are a few of the issues. I could go off but I’m already setting off fire alarms


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Jun 28, 2001
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New season incoming

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