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Premier FVSL Premier 2020/21


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Nov 14, 2011
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Talk about a tale of 2 halves!! Went into halftime with a 2-0 lead, well deserved and carried most of the play. Second half TWU got one back around the 60th min and after that our legs were gone, didn’t have the fitness to keep up with trinity and it was one way traffic. In the end would have loved to hang onto 2-2 but 3-2 was a fair reflection, they were organized but they had the fitness to take it up another gear and score 2 in the last 15 and that’s ultimately what wins you games.

My only moan, is in the section of player safety and having a touch of common sense from referees. To have a guy take a pretty late elbow to the head resulting in a hospital visit and 6 stitches, for the ref to defend his decision to not send the guy off as “my view was obstructed” and “that part of the head is a soft area to start with” is pretty fcucking weak and imo unacceptable at a premier level. Again, a head shot resulting in 6 stitches and a hospital visit is only a yellow card offence? Sign me up for open season then or please apply common sense.

other than that great game in the hurricane of 2020, looking forward to playing TWU again in a week or two as well as SAFC.

Surrey United lost to greater Van 3 bagel eh?? How the mighty have fallen.... wow.

I guess this ref didn't watch MUFC-Tottenham last weekend.... @@#!@%#$^


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Nov 24, 2015
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That was on the schools instagram, shows some of the goals.
Anyone at this game to confirm if it was that one sided?
UFV were fit, organized, and tenacious, as you’d expect from a university side. They won individual battles, second balls, etc. and didn’t seem to be intimidated by Abby’s size and experience. The pace and pressure took Abby by surprise, which is strange given they’re usually the ones smothering other teams. That being said, the first three goals were counter attacks, against the run of play, including the play that led to the penalty. Abby looked for a response in the second half but the damage had already been done. They threw numbers forward, conceded two more, and only managed one in return. Credit to the younger Cascades starting with a convincing win against the champs, but I expect the older Cascades to come out flying with more bite, and a much closer scoreline come next weekend’s rematch.


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Jul 23, 2001
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These Uni squads being included is a nice sidebar to the season. Too bad there are one or two big time punching bags but what can you do.

Still expect a couple of the non Uni squads to take top 2 spots.

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